Calculator Notes:
  1. The calculator is indicative only
  2. Munibox will lend up to 70% of the Munibox valuation of your asset
  3. See this FAQ for information on how your asset is valued

How it works

1. Complete the Munibox Loan Enquiry

Provide us with your personal and contact details and as much information on your asset as possible so we can get an accurate value; take a photo or several photos of your asset and send them through as part of the application.


How it works

2. We will value your Asset

We will obtain a Munibox Valuation of your asset based on the photo(s) and supporting information you have provided us. Once that's been processed we'll be in touch to get some final documentation to approve your Loan.


How it works

3. Accept the offer

We will email you our Loan Agreement formalising the offer and a drop off checklist. You'll then take your asset and documents on the checklist to one of our storage facilities at an agreed time and date for drop off.


How it works

4. Delivery and Payment of your Loan

Once the asset has been received by our storage team, they'll send us copies of your paperwork confirming all is good to go. We'll arrange payment same day provided the drop off is before 3PM and most clients receive their money that night or within 24 hours*


How it works

5. Repayment of the Loan and return of your Asset

Once you've repaid your Loan in full (you'll have 3 months from the original loan date!) and we've received clear funds in our accounts we will contact you to confirm you may pick your asset up from the original storage facility. It's just that easy.


What does a Munibox loan cost?

Here are some examples of the MAXIMUM amount a Munibox Loan will cost you.

Example 1

Loan Amount $5,000

Monthly Charge – 17.5% for first month = $875
15% per month for 2nd and 3rd month = $1,500

Total Charges Payable = $2,375

Principal = $5000

Total maximum repayable after 3 months = $7375

Example 2

Loan Amount $20,000

Monthly Charge – 5% per month for 3 months = $3,000

Total Charges Payable = $3,000

Principal = $20000

Total maximum repayable after 3 months = $23000


How Long is a Munibox Loan?
Our minimum loan term is 62 days. You can repay your loan any time after 7 days has elapsed or upon maturity of the loan term. Munibox do not require instalments during this time. Our maximum loan term is 90 days.

How Much Will it Cost?
The cost of a Munibox Loan varies depending on how much you borrow. The maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 210%. There are no additional fees or charges. However, as our loans do not exceed 3 months (90 days) and the monthly charge varies depending on the loan amount, please refer to our full rates, charges and disclosures here for an accurate guide to your specific circumstances.