Munibox Loan Options

Munibox will tailor a loan to best suit your requirements. The loan terms we offer are based purely on the value and type of asset you are offering as collateral.

Munibox Loan

Borrow up to 70% (including capitalised charges) of the value of your stored asset for an agreed term from 3 months to 12 months.

No upfront fees, no valuation fees, no early repayment fees and no instalments for the terms of the loan.

Repay the loan at any time during the term and only pay monthly charges accrued up to payout date (minimum loan term of one month).

At the end of the agreed term, simply repay the initial loan amount and the capitalised monthly charges and your asset will be ready for collection.

Munibox Sale Advance

Sell your asset though one of our Munibox selling agents at a traditional or online auction but access the equity now.

The same lending margins as the Munibox Loan apply.

Once your asset is sold at auction, your loan is repaid in full and surplus funds after selling costs are remitted directly to you. A minimum of one month charge is payable.

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